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Quality is the main priority for our manufacturer, therefore when the production and mechanical processing of metal elements (i.e. profiling, cutting, pressure welding, welding or grinding) are completed, the finished elements are protected against corrosion by Hot Dip Galvanizing  and  Powder Coating – the best known methods of steel protection.

In the process of Hot Dip Galvanizing, both preparation of the surface and coating it with zinc are performed by dipping the construction element in a bath of special chemical composition.  This way each steel component is cleaned and properly protected against corrosion. 

The final stage of the process is Hot Dip Galvanizing.  Clean steel elements are covered with a zinc layer and then are dipped in molten zinc.  This method guarantees that the layers are protected against corrosion for many years in all weather conditions.  An average life cycle of the zinc layer is 30 – 40 years.

Powder Coating is a technology of covering metal elements with powder paint and hardening the surface in temperature of 200ºC.

Elements, painted in such a way are characterised by a long-standing resistance to corrosion and impressive appearance. Powder Coating successfully replaces traditional painting when quality, durability and resistance to weather conditions matter the most, ideal for Scottish weather conditions. 

Our products incorporate the sturdiness and durability of industrial fencing, with the design and elegance required for private homes. 

Our products are adapted to meet the needs of homeowners for whom security is paramount as well as for those that merely require ornamental or decorative fencing.

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